Bugs & Plush

This project is dedicated to those who are still a child at heart
and express themselves through art toys

Our Toys

  1. Wabbit
  2. happig
  3. abeja
  4. wabba
  5. doodle toys
  6. custom
  7. plush
  8. happig_mini
  9. paper toys
  10. happig metal

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About Us

For all those who can't create poetry, compose a song, invent a superhero, draw a comic, make a sculpture, a painting, and much less a movie, we wish to invoke the artist inside of us all, we dedicate this project to you.

Art toys, paper toys and plushes are a small space in which we transmit what we feel, they are a small piece of art which form part of you, they are small canvases to paint or simply those friends that are with you to keep you company, or they remind you of something or your just happy to see them.